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Omg,i cant get enough of this show!! I remember watching it here and there when it first came out. I now see what everyone was ralking about! Quite possibly thee best sereeies EVER!! Thank you for posting these episodes!i
Posted by christopher on Sunday, March 4th 2012, 10:01 AM
a b c d e Freakin Great Episode its Got me all Emotional ahhh Geez
Posted by ayyyyyyyyyy on Friday, October 21st 2011, 5:30 PM
This episode is one of my favors. I enjony the intro to it
Posted by chris on Thursday, October 20th 2011, 6:15 AM
The Sopranos > Season 6 > Episode 9: The Ride
homo thugs 4 life!!!
Posted by mumu on Saturday, September 17th 2011, 3:32 PM
pretty goodf
Posted by philly770 on Saturday, September 17th 2011, 6:59 AM
tony gets me hot too!h
Posted by mad on Monday, September 12th 2011, 7:10 AM
luuuuv this show!!!!!!!!! h
Posted by me on Friday, September 9th 2011, 1:42 AM
luv dis show r
Posted by maddie on Thursday, September 8th 2011, 6:48 AM
After years of watching this, secretly you don't want to know how it ends...which makes it genius.
Posted by Homer on Sunday, August 14th 2011, 11:19 AM
The Sopranos > Season 1 > Episode 9: Boca
Both. Im sure tony would of know guys in prison, so if i were tony i would of had him arrested and have him clipped on the inside. c
Posted by sam on Monday, June 6th 2011, 6:26 PM
LMFAO this one is brilliant, laughed the whole way through, Pauli's patter is tremendous. u
Posted by Capo on Monday, June 6th 2011, 7:43 AM
me too, i wish i was tony,a dont you??r r
Posted by james on Monday, May 30th 2011, 2:42 PM

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S1E1: The Sopranos
Air Date: Jan 10, 1999
S1E5: College
Air Date: Feb 7, 1999
S1E4: Meadowlands
Air Date: Jan 31, 1999
S3E11: Pine Barrens
Air Date: May 6, 2001
S1E6: Pax Soprana
Air Date: Feb 14, 1999
S1E2: 46 Long
Air Date: Jan 17, 1999
S6E6: Live Free Or Die
Air Date: Apr 16, 2006
S1E1: The Sopranos
Air Date: Jan 10, 1999
S1E2: 46 Long
Air Date: Jan 17, 1999
S1E4: Meadowlands
Air Date: Jan 31, 1999
S6E21: Made In America
Air Date: Jun 10, 2007